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  • Hybrid powertrains are now available for the Bentayga S and Azure models.
  • Seven out of the 14 Bentley models are now offered with a hybrid powertrain, representing 50% of the company’s product line.
  • With a new battery, the E-Motor performs better and has a longer range, with a target range of 27 miles.
  • 400 Nm of electric-only torque with a 15% increase in power
  • Power increase of 6% to 136 PS for electric-only
  • Hybrid powertrain has a dual personality that ranges from tranquility to exhilaration. 
  • Bentayga S Hybrid offers immediate response and a combined output of 462 PS.
  • SPORT mode ESC tune, stiffer chassis, and improved sports exhaust for S Hybrid
  • Bentayga Azure Hybrid puts a strong emphasis on specifications and technology to make every journey as comfortable and healthy as possible.
  • Each model is distinguished by carefully chosen design elements.

Two new Bentayga models, each with a different focus but the same exceptional attention to detail, are being added by Bentley to the family of luxury hybrids. With the introduction of the new Bentayga S Hybrid and Bentayga Azure Hybrid models, customers can now select which aspect of the Bentayga’s personality they wish to emphasize. With the two new models, seven out of the 14 Bentley models are now offered with a hybrid drivetrain, or 50% of the entire Bentley model lineup.

The Bentayga Hybrid’s V6 gasoline engine, electric motor, and new 18.0 kWh battery work together to produce an impressive range of performance, from serene zero-emission EV mode to exhilarating full-throttle acceleration. Owners of the Bentayga S Hybrid will undoubtedly be tempted by its sporty styling to make the most of its combined 462 PS.

The Bentayga Azure Hybrid, on the other hand, will offer a haven of peace and tranquility for customers who place a premium on wellness as they face the challenges of their busy lives. Both options offer the effortless performance that Bentley owners have come to expect, and both are equally capable of traveling more than 27 miles in zero-emission EV mode.

Bentayga S Hybrid

Customers can now indulge their passion for sporting performance and dramatic design while still reaping the many benefits of an electrified powertrain across two of Bentley’s four-door model lines thanks to the new Bentayga S Hybrid, which follows the introduction of the Flying Spur S Hybrid earlier this year. 

The 3.0-liter TFSI V6 petrol engine and 100 kW electric motor-generator have a combined output of 462 PS (456 bhp), allowing the Bentayga S Hybrid to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 5.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h). Due to the hybrid powertrain’s ability to deliver its full torque output from zero revolutions per minute, the feeling of effortless power is, if anything, enhanced. 

The new Bentayga S Hybrid offers an even more engaging drive than its V8-powered stablemate, the Bentayga S, and includes (while in Sport mode) sound enhancements in the engine bay that complement the sound of the V6 TFSi and contribute to the car’s more sporting character for the driver.

The S models’ unique Hybrid Sports Exhaust brings a stirring symphony of sound inside the cabin and can even be tuned to different effects for front and rear seat passengers. A 15% increase in damping stiffens the chassis and provides a platform for a more dynamic SPORT mode ESC tune.

Design: powerful statement of intent

It is immediately apparent that the Bentayga S Hybrid is a performance-oriented vehicle. The dramatic Blackline specification, like all of Bentley’s S models, replaces polished metal with black on all exterior brightware save for the Bentley “wings” badge. The dark-tinted headlamps, black radiator grille and surround, black side sills and door mirrors, and Speed-inspired front bumper add to the vehicle’s purposeful appearance.

The car’s distinctive 22″ wheels, available in silver, black, or black and polished metal finishes to contrast with Bentley’s red-painted brake calipers, catch the eye. The wheels are handled so that the “scythes” point in the same direction on both sides of the car. A Speed-style tailgate spoiler, rear lamps with a dark tint, and black split-oval tailpipes complete the exterior design. 

Crewe’s expertly crafted hide and Dinamica’s tactile, nubbed finish are combined inside the striking and distinctive contemporary interior as a subtle nod to its use in motorsport. It is available in a variety of color splits that have been specifically chosen to give the interior a sporty feel.

The driver’s digital instrumentation, which includes ‘performance’ design dials similar to those in the Bentayga Speed but with the addition of a PHEV power meter within the rev counter, is another unique feature. The ‘S’ hybrid differs from its Azure sibling in having fluted seating, ‘S’ emblems on the fascia, and illuminated tread plates and headrests.

Bentayga Azure Hybrid

Bentley’s Azure models prioritize the safety and comfort of the passengers while still being fully capable of exhilarating performance, making every journey enjoyable no matter the distance. This is particularly true of the Bentayga Azure Hybrid, whose driver and passengers can take pleasure in the cabin’s quiet isolation from outside noise. When driving outside of a city, the 3.0 liter V6 petrol engine and electric motor continue to provide a refined, quiet driving experience. 

Ride comfort and NVH, or noise, vibration, and harshness, are the two factors that have the biggest bearing on on-board tranquility. People exposed to traffic noise over 70 decibels (db) were 65 percent more likely to experience depression, according to research that followed thousands of people over the course of four years. Using the Bentayga EWB as an example, tests revealed that it is between 4% and 26% quieter inside than its rivals, depending on frequency and location within the vehicle.

Another important factor that influences on-board wellness is secondary ride comfort; the smoother the ride, the more calming the journey. The Bentayga EWB has up to 27% less secondary ride vibration than its rivals at typical road speeds and in the crucial frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 Hz.    

The Bentayga Azure Hybrid, like other Azure models, combines design, technology, and craftsmanship to improve the wellbeing of its occupants. The Front Seat Comfort Specification, One of its specifications provides up to 22-way adjustability and a heating and ventilation function to maintain the body’s ideal temperature for comfort and alertness. 

The Azure development team worked with creative neuroscientist Katherine Templar-Lewis from Kinda Studios to analyze and develop Bentley’s new concept of “wellness behind the wheel.” Katherine’s extensive research on the outside factors that affect stress was essential in defining the “wellness behind the wheel” concept that the Azure feature suite embodies.

Katherine’s research was combined with Bentley’s own measurements to provide a science-based analysis of the relaxing experience of traveling in a Bentley, whether as a driver or a passenger, taking into account everything from light to the patterns we see around us, to the impact of in-car posture and the significance of thermal comfort.    

The Touring Specification of driver assistance systems further improves the feeling of secure, tranquil movement and relaxed control. When a vehicle in front slows down or stops altogether, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a predetermined distance behind it. Once the lane is clear, it resumes at its predetermined speed. 

The suite of onboard radar and camera systems in the Bentley continuously monitors the surrounding traffic and roads, working in conjunction with Lane Assist*, Traffic Assist*, and Bentley Safeguard.

Wellbeing by Design

Bentley’s Color and Trim team fully understands the value of color, texture, and tactility, which is why they specified “wellness quilting” for the Bentayga Azure Hybrid, which provides the visual and tactile pleasure of meticulously crafted diamond quilted upholstery. Dark walnut, crown-cut walnut, and koa are three open-pore veneers that provide a serene, gentle satin sheen as an alternative to Bentley’s entire selection of high gloss veneers.

Additionally, Azure customers have a choice of 15 hide colors and color splits, contrast stitching that is included as standard equipment, and free seat piping. The fascia, illuminated tread plates, and seat embroidery all bear the Azure emblem. Bentley B” foot pedals, mood lighting, and a duo-tone steering wheel with a heating function round out the interior specification.

The Bentayga Azure Hybrid has 22″ ten-spoke wheels, bright chrome lower bumper grilles, Azure badging, and finishing touches like the Bentley “jewel” filler cap on the outside. The result is timeless and elegant.

The journey towards electrification

The two brand-new Bentayga Hybrid vehicles mark the advancement of Bentley’s Beyond100 plan. The introduction of the first Bentley Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in 2025 will coincide with the availability of hybrid powertrains across the entire Bentley lineup. 

According to Bentley’s research into ownership habits, over 90% of customers use their first-generation Bentayga Hybrid daily or several times per week, and nearly 100% of customers use the electric vehicle (EV) mode, with half of them regularly making trips of less than 30 miles, according to Bentley’s research into ownership habits.

A hybrid powertrain provides a real alternative for many customers in the phase of transition to an all-electric vehicle, allowing familiarization of charge points and routines without any risk of not finishing their journey.